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Branding, Design, Illustration NIGHT VISIONS Scroll NIGHT VISIONS Night Visions is a biannual film festival focusing on horror, fantasy, science fiction and cult cinema. The festival is held twice a year in Helsinki, Finland. The festival also showcases documentaries and short films. The purpose of the re-design was to take this festival out of the […]


Branding, Design, Illustration BLUE PEPPER Scroll Scroll BLUE PEPPER We know what happiness surfing brings. One wave and your world can completely change. That is why we wanted to make sure it stayed that way. For every kid and every brave soul out there, we wanted to make sure there is a protection that will […]

The Walrus

Branding, Design, Illustration The Walrus Scroll THE WALRUS Inspired by The Beatles song “I am the Walrus” we wanted to make a line of products with which our consumers could simultaneously socialize while digging into their own deep thoughts. Our Tea, Cookies, and Brownie Mix are made with Psilocybin Mushrooms which can have mild psychedelic […]


Branding, Design, Illustration PEGASUS Scroll DESIGN The PEGASUS lollipops are designed to make your experience the same each time you enjoy the product. We ensure that every lollipop is at the highest regard for quality and consistency. PEGASUS lollipops are all natural, offered in a variety of fruit flavors, and easily dosable! ADVERTISING One lick […]


Branding, Design LOOX Scroll SMART BRUSH LOOX brand provides a smart brush and a variety of custom made hair care products which can improve overall hair scalp health. Exceptional and luxurious brush design uses the latest technology that gives our customers detailed insight into their hair condition. When it comes to hair products they are […]

The Squeeze – Juice

Branding, Design The Squeeze – Juice Scroll THE SQUEEZE The Squeeze is a wellness and beauty lifestyle company whose mission is to bring you the next level of nutritional consciousness through detox cleanses, superfoods, and fresh live produce prepared into raw gourmet meals. Building a brand was a process in which bright colors and the […]


Design, Web Sites Margaritaville Scroll Margaritaville A state of mind where the sun is always shining, and the breeze is just right. The best part? You can visit Margaritaville any time you want! All you need to do is crack open a bottle of our brand new tropical punch and you’ll be instantly transported to […]


Branding, Design, Illustration, Web Sites BUD LIGHT FAMILY TAILGATE Scroll BUD LIGHT FAMILY TAILGATE


Branding, Design CHERNIGIVSKE BRANDING Scroll CHERNIGIVSKE BRANDING Taking inspiration from beloved Ukrainian beer and A-B sister brand Chernigivske, the brewer inroduced a tribute to Chernigivske in select cities across the U.S., with its profits going to the CARE® Ukraine Crisis Fund. Links:


Design SOUTHERN COMFORT – COMFORT COLLECTION Scroll SOUTHERN COMFORT – COMFORT COLLECTION Introducing the new Comfort Collection. Delicious any and every way.